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Bio: Troy Mangum

Troy is an author (Fatherhood Faceplants), speaker, podcaster (The Kindling Fire) and men’s advocate. Creator of Hocoka Men,- (an initiation experience for young men). Co-Founder of Caleb Would Go, a missions sending organization, giving away thousands in missionary grants to radical followers of Jesus around the world. He is also a Lumbee Indian tribal member. Troy lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with wife Kathy. He has two sons, two daughters and one son-in-law.

A former YWAM missionary, hardcore punk singer, substance abuse counselor, busker, long boarder, exotic fruit farmer, vert skater, singer-songwriter, software engineering manager, traveling hitchhiker and seminary dropout. link to BIO PICTURES for promo

Great way to get to know me before I come on show is to listen to Interview I did with Real Faith Stories.

Fatherhood Faceplants Back Cover:

Become the Dad God created you to Be 

Fathers pass down who they are more than what they know. Fearful dads raise anxious nervous children. Bold dads raise bold kids. You may not be Super Dad yet but don’t be discouraged. There is always hope! Fatherhood Faceplants is my story of redemption and restoration showing that nothing is impossible with God

  • Overcome "dad guilt" and live free
  • Stop generational sin and start a new legacy
  • Love your kids by loving your wife first 
  • Equip your children in spiritual warfare
  • Prioritize family success over personal success
  • Pass on personal victories as your children’s inheritance

Lead your family into their greatest days!  

What Early Readers are Saying:

Allen Arnold- Executive Producer of Content for Wild at Heart, Author

  • "Through personal stories of humor, regret and hope, Troy reveals how he went from a wreck of a man to a healthy dad—and how we can do the same"

Justin Camp- Founder- Wire for Men, Author

  • "His writing is a rare and powerful combination of vulnerability and optimism. He knows first-hand the depth and width of God’s goodness and love because he’s experienced them in dark moments of heartbreak and regret and in soaring moments of wonder and glory."

Matt Tommey- Artist, Mentor, Author

  • "Fatherhood Faceplants is Vulnerable and strong, authentic and powerful"

Jim Ramos- President of Men in the Arena, Author, Podcaster

  • "Fatherhood Faceplants encourages dads to press through their personal failures"

Seth Barnes- Founder of Adventures in Missions, & The World Race, Author

  • "Troy Mangum has written a beautifully vulnerable book about the journey of rejection and failure that most men know well, but few can share."
  • "Mangum shows us how to face our failures and shame with courage. He shows us how to begin to walk in freedom." 

Brett Murray- Founder of Resistance Men's Movement in Australia, Author

  • "One of the gutsiest, honest and raw books I've ever read for men"
  • "Finally, a man in the Christian world who has the balls to be real!"

Darren Lewis- founder, facilitator, & fatherhood coach of 'Fathering Adventures’-Australia

  • "whilst this book does offer the essential understanding of why we Dads did or do fail our children at times... specifically because we were first wounded ourselves as sons... it offers the reader so much more"
  • "Fatherhood Faceplants is a book that outlines the path and the process of restoration, and transformation of entire family units"

Ken Helser- founder of A Place for the Heart, Musician, Artist, Story Teller

  • "Fatherhood Faceplants helps boys become Men & Fathers"

J David Wiess- Super Yacht Designer, Entrepreneur

  • "As a not yet father, this book has reminded me to slow down, and pay attention to my own faceplants and victories as God gradually uncovers who he has made me to be"
  • This is a brutally candid and beautifully courageous invitation to journey with God as a Father. I appreciate this rare glimpse into the guts and the glory of the adventure called life in the Father’s Kingdom- this book is a call to us all to go further in and further up!”

Jeremy Robertson- foundering Pastor of Vertical Life Church

  • "This book is an invitation to find strength by embracing weakness"
  • "This books gives you permission to embrace uncertainty, weakness, and the unknown"
  • "I warn you. This book is fiercely vulnerable and bold. This book is an invitation to become fully alive by becoming fully known"
  • "Don’t let the title mislead you. This book is an invitation to ALL men, not just fathers".

Trent Walker- Singer-Songwriter duo Trent & Siobhán, YWAM Missionary, YouTuber, Father of 5 boys

  • "I’ve never felt more compelled to hug my kids, kiss my wife and chase God more than while reading Fatherhood Faceplants"
  • "The war against Godly men is real.. this book is exactly what we need to get back up and fight for our families again"

Sample Interview Questions:

Personal BackStory 

  • How is the health of your marriage tied to the health of your father's role?
  • What lessons have you learned as a Dad who dealt with bi-polar?
  • How long were you separated from your wife? How many times have you been separated?
  • How long have you been a Christian? How did you become a Christian?
  • What did you mean by Go Low & Trust Big (advice from Seth Barnes that turned family around)?
  • What was it like to walk away from a safe suburban life to becoming missionaries as a family?
  • Why is it important to walk alongside other men in community as a Dad?

Fatherhood Lessons:

Lesson 1: Personal victories become your children’s inheritance

  • What do you mean by children inherit land their Father’s possess?
  • Can you explain the dream of the house on the hill as an example of how men can sustain victory of sin?
  • What is a watershed man (stopping generational sin and starting a new legacy)?

Lesson 2: Repair the Breach (what & how)

  • How are Dads like walls around their family?
  • What do you mean by the breach in the wall in men's lives?
  • How is a breach in a man's life an access point for the enemy in your families life?

Lesson 3: Live Uncovered

  • Why do you say Dad guilt is the primary reason men move away from their family?
  • How did you learn to be free from Dad guilt?
  • Can you share the story of King David and what you learned about the Dad guilt and passivity hurting your family?

Lesson 4: Play the Long Game

  • Why does God thwart personal ambition/ plans sometimes in favor of family goals?
  • Why do you say the best thing a man can do for his family is become a healthy man (mentally, spiritually, & emotionally) ? 
Excerpts from Book:

The Power of Fathers:

"The world may say, “How dare you? Who do we think you are?” 

We reply, “We are the soldiers of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are an unstoppable army. We take ground and don’t give it back. We advance. Evil retreats. We are new creations who are not bound to allegiance to our old passive sin-loving nature. Our hearts are good. Our hearts are new. Our hearts are pure. We love God and love others. We are beloved sons and warriors. We are valiant. We are noble. We are kings. We are the devil's worst nightmare. We are Fathers. That is who we know we are.” 

Summary of what the book is about

" I plan to show you how God helped me get back up, taking me from a wreck of a man to a whole, healthy, and healed dad. 

On this journey we will explore how our personal victories become our children’s inheritance. How humility comes before honor. How to fight for our family. How to train our children in spiritual warfare. How to stop the tide of generational sin and start a new legacy. How to overcome dad guilt. How to make good decisions that positively affect generations to come. How to create an environment of freedom and peace within our home. How bold dads raise bold kids. How family achievement is more fulfilling than personal achievement. "

Nature of God:

"He is the God of all comfort but not as the American dream defines comfort. As a good Dad, he is not going to coddle you for the rest of your life. He will karate chop the bag of Doritos right out of your hands. He will jolt you off the coach with his intensity and invite you into a grand adventure with a loving smile. "